5 Ways to Keep Travel From Derailing Your Progress

I am currently sitting next to my husband in a hotel in San Antonio. This is our first vacation (without kids) in almost 9 years! Having said that, I knew before coming that traveling would make staying on track a little more challenging. Here are 5 ways I've kept this trip from derailing my weight loss:

  1. Split your meals! When we go out to eat, I either split my meals with my husband, or put half in a to-go container to eat for another meal later. We all know portion sizes are getting bigger and bigger. If I order a sandwich, I'll give him half or save have of it for later.

  2. Go light on 2 meals and eat one larger one. If you plan on having a large dinner, keep breakfast and lunch lighter. This will help to balance your caloric intake for the day.

  3. Stay away from fried food. Just as a general rule of thumb, fried foods will be your nemesis on vacation. It's more readily available, and generally cheaper, which makes it a natural "go-to" when on the go.

  4. Skip the car. When possible, walk to your destinations. Or go see attractions that require walking. While here in San Antonio, we used the car to get to the hotel and it's been parked in the same spot ever since. I know not everywhere will be as pedestrian friendly as San Antonio, but making it a point to go places like museums which require a good deal of walking, is a great way to add a little extra calorie burn.

  5. Keep your end goal in mind. Remember that cute little dress in the back of your closet? It'll still be there waiting for you when you get back. Have fun, but remind yourself of how good you will feel when you hit your goal. Keep in mind the journey you're on is for the long run and it will always be there waiting for you no matter what happens in the interim.

I hope you find these tips helpful! But if you remember nothing else, love yourself and love the journey. If you stumble along the way, get yourself back up, dust yourself off and get back on track.

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