Day 1 Complete!

So today is actually day two (but who's counting right?) But I wanted to put up a quick post to fill everyone in on how the first day went!

Honestly, the hardest part of the day was weighing in. But in order to make progress, I have to know my starting point so I bit the bullet and did it. 174. Wow. That was really tough. This weight is officially my highest post-baby weight. But I got myself here and I can do the same to get my body back to where it needs to be.

I wanted to add a little bit more about why I am sharing this with the world. I am usually an intensely private person and my weight is something that is a very sensitive subject. But I think all too often we set these private goals and we deal with these internal struggles that no one ever sees. I know I do this myself. I think it is mostly because of fear of failure. But by not allowing anyone else to see me fail, I'm also stopping other people from being there to help me when I'm struggling and help me through. This has been particularly true for me with weight loss.

I hate asking for help, but I think it's time.

So I know I'm sure I'll get my share of people who are negative and harsh, but I'm hoping by putting myself out there that I'm also opening myself up to the support I'm looking for. And maybe even be able to help someone else reach their goals as well.

To all the people joining me on this journey, we can do this. Together.

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