Finding Inspiration

We’re always looking for new ways to keep going on days we don’t necessarily feel like it. Inevitably, most of us will hit a “slump” at some point. It’s important to find ways to pick ourselves back up and get back on track.

Action is guided by inspiration. Have you ever watched a certain TED talk, or an interview with someone you admired and been moved to action? That burning need to get up and do something is present because you’re inspired.

Inspiration can come from many things. As I just mentioned, you can watch motivational talks, read books about successful habits, or something along those lines. However, sometimes even that may seem like too much. In this case, I would suggest another route. In those cases, when you’re REALLY having a difficult time with getting going, start with something small.

When I say something small, I mean go brush your teeth. You may find that this simple act of self-care is enough to propel you to do something bigger. If not, don’t beat yourself up about it. Commend yourself for getting SOMETHING done, however small it might be.

I have said before that simply getting dressed in your workout gear is one of the biggest steps you can take to get yourself moving in the right direction. Something about that simple act is often just what we need to get our brain to refocus.

Inspiration doesn’t have to be life altering. All you need is a little spark to ignite the fire. So next time you find yourself sitting in your pajamas, thinking about how much you don’t want to go to the gym- get up and brush your teeth.

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