Let's Talk Supplements

So in last week's YouTube video I talked about supplements and my opinion of them. I take issue with any product that promises consumers will drop weight without changing their lifestyle. There is no magic pill, cream or wrap that will allow you to sit on your couch, stuffing your face with unhealthy foods and still let you drop pounds.

The dietary supplement industry is a billion dollar industry. They make money on taking advantage of consumers in offering unrealistic results. The bottom line is if you want to change your body, you have to change your lifestyle. Your body is a machine and it will respond to being fueled and worked.

The other issue I have with trying to lose weight without a proper diet and exercise is this: you are robbing yourself of all of the wonderful benefits of healthy living and exercise. Exercising regularly has a plethora of positive side effects that have nothing to do with losing weight.

Regular exercise can reduce the risk of:

- Stroke

- Metabolic Syndrome

- High Blood Pressure

- Type 2 Diabetes

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Certain Types of Cancer

- Arthritis

- Insomnia

It also promotes healthy sleep, increases confidence, improves your sex life (who doesn't want that?) and many other things that I'm forgetting here.

My point with all of this is if you're looking to take a pill and get "skinny" you are robbing yourself of SO many other benefits that come from taking care of your body.

Your health and life is worth putting in the work and doing this the right way. Put your wallet away, stop falling for gimmicks. You are better than that! YOU are WORTH taking care of yourself and loving yourself. A healthy weight is just another byproduct of taking care of your body.

Love yourself enough to do the work. A lifetime of health, wellness and happiness will be your reward.

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